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  1. Hiyah my sisters, thumbs up to you! God Bless you both.
    I really admire your zeal and love for the LORD and the way you exercise your faith and use your gifts and talents to spread the word of GOD and your willingness to be a light and stand as a mentor to fellow youths and also letting mature people understand that re ‘new age lifestyle’ there is still hope in serving God and stance in faith with Jesus.
    May the love of the LORD and grace of the Holy Spirit continue to rest upon you. Remember life doesn’t finish here, higher heights and deeper debts in Jesus Christ that’s where you will reach. Just continue to remain in the will of GOD.
    I love you girls! GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. Well done guys!!! Love the photos, videos and music. I also cherish the love you guys share for God through your music. Continue to be a blessing and shine like angels everywhere you go. God bless you xx

  3. Just discovered you guys from one of my best friends. Im definately in love with your voices and i wish you all the best in the future. I would have to say my best song so far is “Take my breath away”…your harmonies are breath taking. God bless you both xx

  4. I am not an ‘Urban Music’ listener. But, these tracks are more than music they are the message of God and of life. Thank you for your music, sharing the gospel, making me think and enabling me to praise God. This world will want you for its self. Stay strong and keep focused and you will show people something greater than anything this world has to offer. God bless.

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